Dental implants

Have you considered dental implants? Implants are aesthetically superior to bridges and dentures—they look like real teeth. With Dental Implants you might even forget you ever lost a tooth!


A dental implant is a false tooth root made from titanium in the form of a small post. The titanium post is surgically fitted into the jawbone so that it fuses with the bone matter, offering a strong foundation to a false tooth or teeth. They can also be used to support a crown, dentures or a dental bridge.

Our Implant Dentistry Specialist in Belgrade offers Dental Implants Periodontal Treatment to achieve the beautiful smiles on the faces

When choosing to have dental implants it is important to choose a very experienced and skilled implantologist. Our very own Dr Markovic has had years of experience in the dental implant field and has been providing bone grafts, sinus lifts and even total mouth reconstruction work. He is also a keen member of the Association of Dental Implantology and a fellow of the International Congress of Implantologists. At Glusica Dental Clinic we use the very latest  dental implant treatment.

At Glusica Dental Clinic  we also offer mini implants which can be used in conjunction with dentures which are loose fitting. As well as providing a great structure for false teeth, dental implants can also give better aesthetics to the face. When there are missing teeth in the mouth the jawbone can disintegrate and muscles can sag. Dental implants fuse with the jawbone creating an excellent platform for the face, false teeth and dentures.