Dental Tourism


80% off dental services than anywhere in the world

Due to the high quality of dental services on the one hand, and extremely favourable prices on the other, Serbia still ranks among the most attractive destinations for medical tourism.

For whatever part of the world you come from, you only need to contact the dental office “Glušica”, and our team of experts will provide you with all the necessary examinations and complete treatment of mouth and teeth and, of course, in the period that suits you.

All the services you need, will be done by the most modern methods, with the best materials and in the shortest possible time as in order to make your absence from your country the shortest possible.

For all dental services that provide by Dental Practice “Glušica” you get a guarantee.

In addition to reliability, professionalism and speed, the Dentists “Glušica” will provide you the maximum comfort while you are in Belgrade, and even before you reach it.

Take advantage of our DENTAL PACKAGE

This package includes:

1. Free of charge diagnosis

2.Free advice and suggestions of the best and most economical solution to your problem

3.Precise schedule in which you will do the necessary interventions

4.Free transportation from the airport to the hotel, and then from the hotel to the airport

5.Free booking accommodation in the city center, near the office, if you want this service

6.Guide for a tour of the city

Contact our team by email and you will receive our support in the shortest possible time