Partial and skeletal prosthesis

Denture treatment for missing teeth

Millions of us are affected by tooth loss every year, but thankfully modern dentistry has come a long way and now there are a whole range of missing tooth treatments available to you. These include fixed bridges, dentures, and dental implants. When suffering from a missing tooth it is important to seek missing tooth treatment as soon as possible because;

Teeth near the missing tooth may start to move into the gap area which can affect aesthetics of the teeth and bites function

  • Bone can disintegrate in the jaw due to missing teeth
  • Muscles in the face may sag as there is a lack of bone structure in the jaw area.

There are two varieties of dentures available to replace lost teeth; full dentures which replace an entire arch of missing teeth and partial dentures which can be used to replace one or two missing teeth.

What results should I expect from wearing removable dental prostheses?

It will take the body some time to adjust to the sensation of removable dental prostheses. At first, the new dentures will feel uncomfortable and even awkward at times. The patient will experience excessive salivation, difficulty in eating or speaking, and a feeling like the denture is so thick that the tongue does not have enough room to move inside the mouth. All of these, however, when will eventually fade as the patient gets more and more used to the appliance.

At Glusica Dental Clinic in Belgrade,  we know the importance of dentures which not only look great, but also feel comfortable in the mouth. Dentures which are ill-fitted can cause a number of problems including; gum irritation, being unable to eat hard foods and can affect self-esteem if they come loose regularly. We ensure that our dentures are fitted so that they give patients full confidence in the stability and aesthetics of our dentures.  At ur clinic we can make sure your denture is fitted securely and comfortably and can use dental implants or mini implants to make sure your dentures are as stable as possible. Implant retained dentures make use of the best of dental implant technology and the great aesthetics of modern day dentures, leaving patients feeling like they have a new lease of life and can eat whatever they like!